JUNXING M183 Compound Bow


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JUNXING M183 Compound with 60 lbs draw weight, adjustable draw length from 18-30 inches and a big arrow rest with rubber surface.


Draw weight:30lbs-40lbs

Draw length:23″-30″

Bow weight:3.2lbs

Brace height:8″

Axle to Axle:35″

IBO speed:300fps

Let off: 70%

Color: Black

Right handle is available.

JUNXING M183 Compound Bow Evaluation


Frame of the bow is made of aluminum alloy and high-strength glass.
The cams are made of CNC aluminum alloy and the limb is made of fiberglass.
Bow draw weight, draw length and brace all can be adjustable.
Bow string and bow cable are made of imported material from Germany, which has high strength and long lifetime.
The upper cam is for adjusting draw length, the bottom one is for adjusting draw weight.
JUNXING M183 Compound Bow is an excellent choice for hunting, target practicing and competition shooting.

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JUNXING M183 Compound Bow REVIEW

“I just wanted to say that I picked up the newest compound bow from JUNXING and it is absolutely incredible. I was able to take down a deer with one arrow in less than ten seconds and the arrow only had three inches of penetration.”

“This bow is my first compound bow, and it has been a great investment. It’s fairly lightweight and easy to use. I’ve been consistently hitting targets up to 45 yards with no problem.”

“I’ve used a compound bow for over 20 years and this is the best one I’ve ever had. It’s comfortable, easy to use and it produces an excellent shot.”

“I bought this bow due to my love for hunting and my old one breaking. I couldn’t be happier with it! It’s absolutely beautiful, the only downside is the price but it’s worth every penny!”



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JUNXING M183 Compound Bow

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