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Junxing M81 crossbow its small size and high portability, it is widely used in military, police, hunting and etc. It is easy to carry, convenient to use.

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Bow size : 34.25”*18.9”

Bow weight :8.6lbs

Power stroke : 16.54”

Draw weight :135lbs 150lbs 160lbs

Velocity : 340-380fps

Accessories : cocking aid 1pc,3*32scope 1pc ,20” carbon bolt 3pc ,

quiver 1pc , allen key 1set , manual book 1pc .

JUNXING M81 Crossbow Evaluation


very durable.
very accurate.
the limbs are made of fiberglass and are held together with a rope.
the trigger and the firing mechanism are made of steel.
it can shoot at 350 feet per second.
The JUNXING M81 Crossbow is an excellent choice for any hunter or target shooter.

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“I bought this crossbow for my son to practice shooting with. It was a lot of fun and easy to use. It shoots faster than we thought, but the arrows don’t fly too far.”

“I’ve always been the neighborhood target practice. I got tired of using my old crossbow and wanted to get something that would be more powerful and reliable. I bought this one and it’s a perfect fit for me! It’s great for hunting as well, not just target practice.”

“I’ve been using this crossbow for almost a year now, and it has the best quality and performance I could ask for.”

“I love this crossbow. I’ve never used a crossbow before, but I like how light it is and easy to use.”



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JUNXING M81 Crossbow

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