Junxing Archery F-118 Recurve Bow Review

Junxing Archery has been producing quality archery equipment for many years, and they have a very good reputation in the industry. Their F-118 recurve bow is no exception. It’s a great choice for beginners, or anyone else who wants to learn how to shoot arrows.

The Junxing F-118 is an entry level recurve bow that is designed for both kids and adults alike. It has a draw weight of 18-20 lbs., making it ideal for those who are just starting out in archery or those who are looking for something fun and low cost. The draw length can be adjusted from 19 ½” up to 26 ½” so it can fit most people comfortably.

The bow is made from laminated wood which makes it durable and lightweight at the same time! It comes with an adjustable sight bar that allows you to aim better and shoot farther than ever before!

The Junxing Archery F-118 Recurve Bow is a great example of the versatility of recurve bows.

Recurve bows are great for beginners and experienced archers alike, because they allow the user to customize their draw length and draw weight. This allows you to find the perfect setup for your body type and shooting style.

The draw length on this bow is adjustable from 28″ to 30″ in 1/2″ increments, and it comes with an included pre-installed string so that you can start shooting right away.

The limbs are made of fiberglass and reinforced with carbon rods for added strength. The limbs also have a shelf design that improves stability during shooting. The riser has a curved bottom that helps reduce torque during release. The handle is made of wood and features an adjustable palm rest for comfort during shooting.

It’s suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced archers.

The bow comes equipped with an ambidextrous riser and an adjustable Quad Limb System. The riser has a 60-inch axle-to-axle length, making it easy to use for anyone of any size or strength level. The Quad Limb System has four limbs that are attached to the riser, which allows for greater adjustability when it comes to draw length and weight.

The Cruzer also features a sight window, which makes it easier to line up your shot and take down your target faster than ever before!

As a result, it is an ideal choice for those just getting into archery as well as for those who want to improve their skills.

The Barnett Recruit compound bow is a beginner’s bow that will help you get started in archery. It is a great choice for anyone just getting into archery or even those who want to improve their skills.

The Recruit has a draw weight of 30 pounds and an adjustable draw length of 24-30 inches. It weighs 3.3 pounds and is made from composite materials. The cam system used in the Recruit is called the Roller Guard Cam System which provides maximum safety, accuracy, durability and smoothness. This particular cam system helps reduce friction so that you can shoot faster arrows which means better accuracy for you!

The Recruit has an adjustable sight which makes it easy for you to set up your shots properly before shooting them down range. It also comes with a stabilizer bar at the bottom of the riser which helps reduce vibration when shooting your arrows so that you can get more accurate shots off every time!

As a beginner bow, you can use it to practice form and target shooting on your own.

You can practice archery at home with a recurve bow. A recurve bow is a longbow made of wood, fiberglass or carbon that you can use to target shoot indoors. You can also target shoot outdoors if you have a safe place to do so, such as an archery range or private property that allows hunting.

As a beginner bow, you can use it to practice form and target shooting on your own. Recurve bows are easier to learn on than compound bows, which have cables and pulleys that help launch the arrow.

Recurve bows are also more forgiving than compound bows because they don’t have as many moving parts. Recurve bows are less expensive than compound bows and traditional bows made from horn or sinew.

With this bow, you’ll be able to improve your accuracy without worrying whether or not the bow can handle what you’re doing.

It’s a great bow for those who are just starting out or for veterans who are looking for an upgrade.

The Viper is the perfect starter bow for anyone looking to learn how to shoot archery. The Viper is made from high-quality materials and has been engineered with the needs of archers in mind. This means that it’s built to last and will stand up to anything that you throw at it.

The Viper is incredibly easy to use, which makes it perfect for beginners who are just learning how to shoot archery. You’ll be able to pick up this bow in no time at all and start shooting like a pro!

This bow comes with everything that you need: two arrows (with field points) and a target so that you can practice shooting right away!

The Junxing Archery F-118 Recurve Bow is a great choice for beginners and advanced archers alike.

It is a smaller bow that can be used by anyone who wants to get into archery. The bow is easy to use and affordable, making it the perfect option for those who have never tried archery before.

The F-118 comes with everything needed to get started. It has an aluminum riser and limbs, as well as a wooden grip and forearm. The limbs are made from fiberglass and are quite durable. They also allow for plenty of speed when shooting arrows, making them perfect for beginners or experienced archers alike.

The bow is easy to use thanks to its simple design and adjustable sight pins that let you easily adjust your aim without having to worry about getting frustrated with trying to do so yourself. This makes it perfect if you want something easier than other forms of archery but still want something that will be fun for years to come!

If you are looking for a Junxing Archery F-118 Recurve Bow, this is the right place. The bow is amazing, has good quality and standard, it comes with everything you need to start shooting immediately.

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