Junxing M109e Compound Bow Overview

The Junxing M109e is a compound bow that offers great value for money. It features an adjustable draw length from 25-30 inches and an adjustable draw weight from 40-60 lbs. The bow is made from high quality materials and the limbs are made of aluminium alloy. The riser is made from high quality composite material that is durable and lightweight.

This compound bow comes with a single cam system which allows you to change between different draw lengths without changing other components such as the string or cables. This means that you can easily adjust the string length to your personal preference without having to buy extra accessories or worrying about damaging your equipment by attempting to do it yourself. You will also be able to adjust the draw weight depending on how strong you are or which type of game you are hunting, making this a great choice for beginners who may not be sure if they will enjoy archery or not yet know what kind of hunting they want to do with their new compound bow.

The Junxing M109e does not have any fancy bells or whistles but it does have everything you need for a good hunting experience including peep sights, bushings and stabilizer bars.

The Junxing M109e Compound Bow is its compact counterpart, with a shorter 30” draw length and a shorter axle-to-axle length of 32”.

The bow comes with an adjustable sight, stabilizer, quiver, and three 20-inch carbon arrows. This is a great hunting bow that can be used by both adults and children.

The M109e weighs only 3.8 pounds, which makes it easy to carry around in the field. The bow has a draw weight of 30 pounds and is available in left-handed models (for an additional cost). The M109e has been designed with power in mind. The bow shoots at speeds of up to 330 feet per second (fps), which means that you can hit your target quickly and accurately every time. It also has an effective range of 40 yards or more.

The M109e is constructed from quality components that ensure excellent performance no matter what kind of weather conditions you are facing. The limbs are made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy while the riser is made from aircraft-grade magnesium alloy.

The sight is also fully adjustable for windage and elevation, and can easily be taken off or put on.

The sight has five pins and is made of metal. It uses a micro-adjustable windage and elevation system that allows you to fine tune your shot. This bow will work with any compound bow, so it’s not just for this one particular model.

The bow itself is made from aluminum, making it lightweight but strong enough to endure all the punishment you’ll dish out on the range or in the woods. The riser is made of aluminum, too, which makes for a lightweight but durable setup overall. The rest of the parts are made from high quality materials as well. For example, the limbs are made from fiberglass reinforced plastic so they’re durable but not too heavy to handle easily.

The arrow rest is also easy to adjust and swap out, using the same adjustment techniques as the sights.

The bow is made of maple and bamboo, with a high-quality leather grip. The riser weights about 50g and has a good balance, which helps to absorb vibrations and minimize fatigue.

The M109e Compound Bow comes with a string stopper in case you want to use this bow for target shooting. The draw length can be adjusted from 25.5” to 30” using a hex wrench.

The riser of the bow itself has been ergonomically designed to fit naturally into the shooter’s hand, making it both more comfortable to hold and easier to grip.

The Junxing M109e compound bow has a draw length of up to 29”, which means it is suitable for shooters from 4’11” all the way up to 6’1” tall. It weighs just 3 pounds, so it’s very easy to carry around with you on your hunts or when you need to transport it in your car.

This compound bow has an 80% let-off feature which means that you won’t have to pull back on your fingers as much as other bows do. This makes it a great choice for beginners who may find pulling back on other bows difficult or painful due to their inexperience.

The Junxing M109e compound bow comes with an adjustable sight, finger tab and quiver mounts so that you can customize your setup according to your needs

This is a dual cam system which means it’s made for hunters, it gives you more power with less effort

It’s also very lightweight so you can carry it around all day without having to worry about getting tired.

This bow has been designed with hunters in mind, so there is no doubt that this bow will be able to take down any game that you’re hunting down. The draw weight of this bow is at 80 lbs., which means that even the strongest person can use it without any issues whatsoever.

The arrows that come with this bow are made from carbon fiber and they’ll be able to fly faster than most other arrows on the market today. The best thing about them is that they will maintain their speed even after being shot out of the bow over and over again!

You’ll also receive a stabilizer when purchasing this bow, which will help keep your shots as accurate as possible while using this product!

The Junxing M109e Compound Bow is a good option for beginners as well as professional archers looking for a durable and portable bow.

The Junxing M109e Compound Bow is a great bow for those who are just beginning to learn how to shoot, or for those who want something that can be taken on the go.

This bow shoots at speeds of up to 300 feet per second and has an accuracy range of up to 30 yards. It also features auto safety, which allows you to store your arrows without having to worry about them firing by accident.

The Junxing M109e is a top of the line compound bow that, for the money, is fairly hard to beat. Good accuracy and speed make it a great bow if you are an entry-level archer looking to get into target and hunting archery.

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