JUN XING h1 Recurve Bow, A Professional Archery Equipment

JUN XING H1 is a top selling recurve bow. The JUN XING Recurve Bow is well-known for its high quality and reliable performance. It is aimed at both amateur hunters and professional archers. As a special product, it is popular for its low noise, high speed, and accurate shooting. JUN XING h1 recurve bow is a good choice for those who want a high-quality recurve bow for practice.

Product description about the JUN XING h1 recurve bow

The JUN XING h1 is a beginner’s model bow. It is designed to be easy to shoot and very forgiving. It can be used by both right-handed and left-handed archers. The draw weight of this model is 20 pounds, with an arrow speed of 275 fps (feet per second). The bow has a 15-inch draw length and a 24-inch string length.

The JUN XING h1 recurve bow is made from fiberglass, which makes it strong and durable. It comes with an adjustable sight, 3 arrows, and a quiver for your convenience. This model also includes an adjustable arrow rest, which makes it easier for you to make any adjustments that you need to make. The limb pockets on this model are specially designed to keep them from twisting or getting loose over time as well as being able to accommodate different size risers if needed so that they will fit perfectly onto your riser without needing any modification done beforehand!

Pros and cons of the JUN XING h1 recurve bow

JUN XING h1 recurve bow is a lightweight, but powerful compound bow designed specifically for hunting. It features an adjustable draw length of between 26 and 30 inches, making it suitable for both adults and children. The draw weight can be adjusted between 25 and 60 pounds by adding or removing weights.


Lightweight (just over 4 pounds)

Affordable price point

Compatible with most accessories and sights


The bowstring is not included

What’s the JUN XING h1 recurve bow?

JUN XING h1 recurve bow is a high-performance bow that is suitable for all levels of archers. It comes at an affordable price and with great quality.

The JUN XING h1 recurve bow is made from good quality materials. It’s got a good balance and is easy to handle, so it could be used by people of all ages. The design of this product is quite interesting, which makes it look cool and attractive.

This item has a good rating on Amazon, so if you are looking for a new bow to practice your archery skills or just want to use it as decoration, then this product will definitely meet your needs! JUN XING h1 recurve bow is good for refined shooters.

FAQS about the JUN XING h1 recurve bow

Q: Why choose the JUN XING h1 recurve bow?

A: The JUN XING h1 is our flagship bow, designed to push the boundaries of what is possible in a traditional bow. It has been designed, developed, and tested by some of the world’s leading archery experts. The result is a high-quality, high-performance recurve bow that offers unrivaled accuracy and performance.

Q: Can I use the JUN XING h1 recurve bow for hunting?

A: Yes! The JUN XING h1 has been designed for both target shooting and hunting needs. It can shoot arrows up to 330 feet per second (fps), which gives it excellent penetration power for hunting small game such as rabbits or squirrels.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: You can find out how much it costs here! JUN XING h1 recurve bow is a great choice for all archery fans.

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