JUNXING M193 (Pundage adjustable) Hunting Compound Bow


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JUNXING M193 (Pundage adjustable) Compound Bow, Zinc Alloy Rail, Adjustable Draw Length and Draw Weight, Comfortable Shackle System, with Bag.

JUNXING M193 (Pundage adjustable) Hunting Compound Bow DETAILS

Handedness : RH Draw

Length : 9-31″

Draw Weight : 20-70 Lbs

ATA/IBO Speed : 325 FPS

Brace Height : 7.2″

Axle To Axle : 31.5″

Let off : 80%

Mass Weight : 3.08 Lbs

JUNXING M193 (Pundage adjustable) Hunting Compound Bow DESCRIPTION

JUNXING M193 is a high quality compound bow for hunting, which is durable and reliable to use. It adopts a new hybrid composite cambering shaft, which makes not only lightweight but also flexible. Its draw length can be adjustable from 26″ to 30″, perfect for all types of archers. With this great all around compound bow, you can have a wonderful hunting experience!

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JUNXING M109e Hunting Compound Bow REVIEW

Bo Hong Kurkovva
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"I am a hunting enthusiast. I have been enjoying hunting ever since I was a child and it is something I enjoy to do with my family. While in the past, we hunted with guns, we now hunt with bows and I had been looking for a bow that would be good for hunting. My dad was looking for one too and we came across the JUNXING M193 (Pundage adjustable) Hunting Compound Bow online. We are both very happy with this purchase."
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"I have really enjoyed shooting this bow. It is lightweight and easy to draw. The adjustable draw weight of the bow is a great feature because I can shoot it with different strength levels without having to buy another bow."
Luster Gaerten
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"I bought this bow a few months ago and I love it. It is really easy to adjust and has a really comfortable grip. I am really impressed with the quality."

“This bow is a bargain at the price for it’s quality and the accuracy it offers. I’m a beginner, so all I wanted was something to learn with. This bow has held up in anything I’ve shot to date. It also comes with a string silencer that I haven’t used yet but am surprisingly excited about.”

“The bow was an amazing experience for me. I’ve shot a compound before and never thought I would enjoy it but it changed my mind. The shooting experience is so much better and more natural than my traditional recurve bows.”

“This bow is absolutely phenomenal through and through. It has a heavy draw weight, but I was still able to shoot it without any problem.”

“I got this bow for Christmas and it is one of the best bows I have ever used. It’s easy to use, fast, and reliable. I recommend this bow to anyone.”



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JUNXING M193 (Pundage adjustable) Hunting Compound Bow

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