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F155 recurve bow is great for hunting, taking part in archery competitions, and generally just having fun. Its maximum draw weight of 155 pounds allows it to be used by people of all ages – teenagers, adults, and even seniors.

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Performance: Environmental Outdoor Archery Shooting Game

Applicable Crow: Adults American hunting bow

The bow riser is made of aluminum alloy

The bow limbs are made of high strength compressed mixed material, with lots of glass fibers and resins by high-temperature hot extrusion molded.

Pull Weight (16-40 lbs , 2 lbs per level) , if your need is not in the selection box , please leave me a message about color + LBS + left/right hand bow with your order , i will arrange it for you!

JUNXING F155 Recurve Bow Evaluation


It is an entry-level bow designed for archery beginners.
The limbs of the bow are made of fiberglass, and the handle is made of wood.
The bowstring is made of 8 strands of string braided cord which is not bad but you may need to replace the string with a better one.
The riser is made of high-strength plastic and it has a place for sight and stabilizer.
It comes with a finger guard, finger tab, armguard and arrow rest.
It’s a very nice bow for beginners to practice archery.

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“I’ve been looking for an affordable bow with a great name. I found it at JUNXING F155 Recurve Bow. Thanks for carrying such a good time.”

“This was my first time using a recurve bow, and I really enjoyed it! It had excellent accuracy and thoroughly impressed me with its speed.”

“The bow I got from them is of good quality and they are so friendly. They did a great job on the shipping, too. I am very pleased with my purchase.”

“I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the bow. I have never had a recurve before and it has been a learning experience. The bow is well-made, sturdy, and easy to use. It seems like it will last a long time.”


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JUNXING F155 Recurve Bow

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