JUNXING F177 Hunting Recurve Bow


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The JUNXING F177 Recurve Bow is a great bow for hunting and target. With is fast shooting speed of 163 FPS and a draw weight of 26 lbs, this bow will never let you down! Looks great, shoots great!

JUNXING F177 Hunting Recurve Bow DETAILS

Bow length: 54”
Riser length: 15”

Brace height: 7.5-8”
Weight: 1.9lb
Draw weight: 30-35-40-45-50lb

JUNXING F177 Hunting Recurve Bow Evaluation

JUNXING F177 Hunting Recurve Bow DESCRIPTION

Maximum weight is 60 pounds
Draw length is 32 inches. It can be adjusted from 19-29 inches by changing the string.
Dacron string
Riser: made of hard maple wood with a reinforced limb pocket design; very easy to shoot and low on hand shock.
Limbs are laminated with fiberglass and hard maple which allows the bow to be both fast and powerful. The limbs have a matte finish with black and white tips. They are pre-drilled so you can add a stabilizer and a sight if you wish.
This is a bow that is well liked for beginners or for people who want to get back into archery after many years of not shooting a bow.

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JUNXING F177 Hunting Recurve Bow REVIEW

“I bought this bow because I was looking for an affordable bow that wasn’t too expensive. It is well-made and a great value for the price. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to a friend.”

“This is the best bow on the market in my opinion. It has a very forgiving draw and it’s beautiful to look at.”

“I’ve used this bow for hunting and target shooting, and I have never been disappointed in its performance. It’s very powerful, lightweight, easy to use, and a ton of fun!”

“I purchased this bow from a local store and I must say, it is an absolute joy to shoot. Fast, accurate and accurate. It’s a very comfortable to hold and I really enjoy the feel of it in my hand.”



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JUNXING F177 Hunting Recurve Bow

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