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JUNXING Z251 Recurve Bow Steel bow is as solid and flexible as a beam, which is not easy to be broken. The bow can be well used for target shooting, self-defense and collection.

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fishing compound bow with fiberglass limbs and aluminum riser . good for shooting fish ! for fishing learners, and outdoor sports .
Model NO.: z251
bow size : 51″
weight ; 3lbs
draw weight : 45″
brace height : 8″
color : black , camouflage


The bow has a draw length of 53 inches.
The draw weight is between 40-60 pounds.
The bow is made from maple laminated.
It features a pistol-type grip.
It comes with two bowstrings and a user manual.
It has been designed for both left and right handed users.
This is a great bow for both beginners and intermediate archers..

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“I’ve been out of the archery game for a few years but I recently bought a JUNXING Z251 Recurve Bow and am absolutely in love with it! It’s lightweight, reasonably priced, and very easy to use. My friends have asked me if I need a new bow because they always see me using it.”

“I was looking for a new bow and after reading reviews of different horizons, I decided to buy the JUNXING Z251 Recurve Bow. It came in with a great reputation, so I was excited to get it. I got it and had no problem stringing it up. The adjustment system is very effective and makes shooting really easy.”

“The bow itself is made of good quality and was delivered on time. The package was well tucked away in the box and looked great. I am very happy with this purchase.”

“I was really happy with these bows. They are lightweight and easy to use.”



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junxing z251JUNXING Z251 Recurve Bow

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