JUNXING F261 Hunting Recurve Bow


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Best selling JUNXING F260-F280 Recurve bow hunting compound bow, it uses quality wood and fiberglass material to ensure strength, performance and durability

JUNXING F261 Hunting Recurve Bow DETAILS

Limb: black
Length: 60”, 62”
MO velocity: 190fps
Draw weight: 30-60lb
Brace height: 7-8.25”
Riser length: 17”
Max draw length: 32”
Weight: 2.9lb
Riser weight: 1.85lb

JUNXING F261 Hunting Recurve Bow Evaluation

JUNXING F261 Hunting Recurve Bow DESCRIPTION

JUNXING 61 inches Recurve Bow designed with a classic American hunting recurve bow outline, and combined with the traditional straight-bow arrow rest
The most advanced materials are used to create a new compound bow, a beautiful and powerful bow at the same time.
– Classic hunting recurve bow design + modern material combination = Super bow!
This is an excellent choice for hunting.

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JUNXING F261 Hunting Recurve Bow REVIEW

“I purchased the JUNXING F261 Hunting Recurve Bow because of it’s affordable price point and high quality. I have a small family, so this was an ideal fit for me. It has become the perfect deer hunting bow.”

“I really like the bow. Not only did the material feel strong, but it shoots well. The colors and design make it easy to spot in a bag or on the ground.”

“I was in the market for a new bow, but they are expensive. I saw this one on Junxing and thought it would be worth my time to take a chance and buy it. I have been very pleased with my purchase, and I couldn’t be happier with the price. The bow is well made and perfect for hunting.”

“This bow is perfect and amazing. I love it so much, but I have a little bit of an issue with my new bow. It’s just too pretty to use.”



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JUNXING F261 Hunting Recurve Bow

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