JUNXING F163 Recurve Bow


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Junxing F163 Recurve Bow is lightweight, high precision and large draw force. It enables you to adjust it according to your own height, personal taste and habits.

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This is a modern recurve hunting bow that allows for the installation of compound bow accessories.

Magnesium alloy bow riser is lightweight and comfortable.

Imported fiberglass and bamboo core laminated bow limbs.

Bowstring made of Dyneema professional string material.

The complete hunting set comes with a 5-pin sight, brush arrow rest, stabilizer and carbon arrows.

Right Hand Bow Only

JUNXING F163 Recurve Bow Evaluation


Length: 66″
Weight: 2.5 lbs
Max Draw Weight: 40 Lbs
String length: 51.5″ (Arrows not included)
Handle Section Length: 14.2″
This bow is a popular choice for those new to archery, and it is also great for pros who like to travel and hunt on-the-go with a compact bow.

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“It’s right there in the name: Recurve Bow. I was completely overwhelmed with all of the options to choose from and unsure of what to do. I found this site and instantly knew that it was going to be perfect. One of their archery coaches walked me through everything and helped me get set up with a bow that would fit my needs.”

“The recurve bow, which can be adjusted from 30″ to 36″ in height, is ideal for people who are tall. It is fully adjustable, so you can string it even with a long arm.”

“I have been in the hunting world for years and I have tried several different bow models. This is by far the best one I’ve ever used and I don’t think I’ll be switching anytime soon. The bow is super light, and it’s easy to handle.”

“This is by far the best bow that I’ve ever owned. It has a sight pin with a skull at the end which makes it much easier to line up your shots, and when you pull back on the limbs they will automatically go to full draw without any effort. It shoots really straight, and it’s not too heavy.”



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JUNXING F163 Recurve Bow

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