JUNXING M110Hunting Compound Bow


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Junxing M110 Hunting Bow is High Quality Composite and Fiberglass Hunting Bow. It’s the effective bow for hunters and archers.

JUNXING M110Hunting Compound Bow DETAILS

Specification: Right hand bow
Size: 26.8*9.5*2.6 inches
Net weight: 2 pounds
Color: black/camouflage
Pull force: 15-20 pounds
Wheelbase: 26 inches
String distance: 6 inches
Labor saving: 60%

JUNXING M110Hunting Compound Bow Evaluation

JUNXING M110Hunting Compound Bow DESCRIPTION

Hand: Right Hand
Draw Weight: 40-55lbs.Draw Length: 25.6-31.6inchs
Axle to Axle: 30 inchs
Brace Height: 7 inchs
IBO Speed: 310 fps
Let Off: 70% – 80%
String/Cable Length :50inchs/92inchs
Cam System :Dual Cam System
If you are looking for a compound bow, this is the one for you!

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JUNXING M110Hunting Compound Bow REVIEW

“My dad has been a hunter all his life, and when he was my age he taught me how to shoot a compound bow. I used his bow until it broke, so I went out and bought one of my own. This new bow was designed for the modern archer by incorporating many features from older bows to create the ultimate hunting tool.”

“I bought this bow two weeks ago, and I have been bow hunting every day since. I had never tried archery before, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I can’t wait to try out all the different accessories that come with this bow!”

“The bow is accurate, easy to use and lightweight. I am able to carry it around on my horse all day without any issues. It has allowed me to take game with ease.”

“I have been using this compound bow for about six months, and I love it. I started with a cheaper one and feel like it’s made a big difference in my hunting experience. I definitely feel more confident when I’m out in the woods, and the accuracy and power are perfect.”



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JUNXING M110Hunting Compound Bow

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