JUNXING M122 Composite Bow


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The new JUNXING M122 Composite Bow is a great entry-level bow. It’s affordable and shoots fast with a high level of accuracy. It has the quality of a more expensive composite bow without the high cost.


Model No.:M122

Bow weight:4.0lbs

Draw weight:40-70lbs

Draw length:26″-30″

Brace height:7.2″

IBO/ATA rating:340Fps

Axle to axle:29.5″


JUNXING M122 Compound Bow Evaluation


You can choose this bow only if you have experience in archery or have attended a training center, like Long Beach Archery Center.
This bow is the best alternative if you want a cheap but quality bow.
It is suitable for both beginners and pros alike.
The arrow speed of this bow is high enough to kill a deer at close range.
You don’t need a press to assemble this bow, as it does not require any installation.
There are many bows on the market that are designed for different purposes.

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JUNXING M122 Compound Bow REVIEW

“I have been using a traditional bow for years, but wanted to try something different. I was surprised at just how accurate the JUNXING M122 Composite Bow was, and it’s easy to use! I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a new way to hunt.”

“I’m very satisfied with my bow, it’s very effective and durable. I had an accident where it was stored outside and the arrow just bounced off of it. It didn’t even break.”

“I shot this bow for the first time last night and I was very impressed with how lightweight it was! My son loves it too. Love the speed and power of the bow.”

“I love this bow! I’ve been using it for a while now and it is the best. It shoots really far, hits really hard and is really durable.”



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JUNXING M122 Composite Bow

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