JUNXING M109 Triangle Compound Bow


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Junxing M109 is an entry-level compound bow for archers who are seeking a light and well-balanced bow for target shooting and hunting.

JUNXING M109 Triangle Compound Bow DETAILS

Draw weight:45lbs

Draw length:27”-28”

Bow weight:3.2lbs

Brace height:9.2”

Axle to Axle:21.5”

IBO speed:280fps

Let off: 70%

Color: Black/Camo

RH/LH are available.

JUNXING M109 Triangle Compound Bow Evaluation

JUNXING M109 Triangle Compound Bow DESCRIPTION

Material: made of high quality aluminum alloy, sturdy and durable to use.
Weight: 770g/1.7lb
Max draw length: 31inch/80cm
Adjustable draw weight: 20-70lbs
Recommended for most adult (over 15 years old) and youth archers.
This is a good bow for both young and older archers.

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JUNXING M109 Triangle Compound Bow REVIEW

“This is a great compound bow. It has a big range and the arrows go really far. The quality of the materials are pretty good too.”

“I was having a difficult time getting my archery skills up to par during a hunting trip and I happened to find this bow online. It’s really lightweight so it’s perfect for beginners, but also has strong fiberglass construction which makes it sturdy and durable. I’m very satisfied with what I’ve used this bow for.”

“This bow is the best bow I’ve ever used. It’s light and accurate and comes with a lifetime warranty. This b
ow is unbelievable for the price.”

“I’ve never been the best at shooting a compound bow but with this, it didn’t matter. It was easy to use and came with everything needed. I would recommend this bow to anyone.”



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JUNXING M109 Triangle Compound Bow

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