JUNXING M127 Compound Bow


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Junxing M127 Compound Bow is a masterpiece of modern compound bow, high efficiency and comfortable hand feeling give you precision targeting.


bow weight : 4.3lbs
axle to axle : 30″
brace height : 7.7″
draw weight : 35-65lbs
let-off: 70%
brace height : 18.5″-28″
how to adjust the draw length :
position : 1—-18.5″,2—19.7″,3—20.8″,4—22″,5—23.2″,6—24″,7—25.2″,8—26.5″,9—27.2″,10—28″

JUNXING M127 Compound Bow Evaluation


The brace height is 7 inches.
The axle to axle length is 30 inches.
The draw weight is 19 – 70 pounds, and the draw length is 24 – 31 inches.
This bow has a maximum speed of 310 fps.
It’s made of aluminum alloy and fiberglass.
Camo patterns provide good concealment in the great outdoors, whatever the terrain and season.
JUNXING M127 Compound Bow is suitable for both hunting and target shooting with a great design and high quality material.

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JUNXING M127 Compound Bow REVIEW

“I have always wanted to try archery and I got a chance to use this bow for the first time a few nights ago. I was very impressed with its power and accuracy. It has been fun trying it out.”

“This bow is incredibly powerful, accurate, and quiet. It will give you the confidence to take down deer or even turkey. I’ve never seen a compound bow like this in my life.”

“The bow is well balanced and fits my needs as an archer. It has a strong draw of over 60 pounds and is not too heavy. I’ve also purchased a few accessories that come with it, such as the quiver with arrow rest and sight.”

“I’m an avid outdoorsman and survivalist. I’ve tried other compound bows, but the quality of this one is unmatched. It’s easy to use, has a ton of accessories, and the material can take anything you throw at it.”



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JUNXING M127 Compound Bow

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