JUNXING M131 Compound Bow


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The JUNXING M131 Compound Bow is an ideal tool to help you unleash your inner archer. Ideal for casual and professional archers alike, this tactical compound bow will help you snuff out your target with ease.


Draw weight: 20-55lbs

Axle to Axle: 29″

Limbs material: fiberglass

Riser material: Aluminum alloy

JUNXING M131 Compound Bow Evaluation


The JUNXING M131 Compound Bow is a great entry level beginner bow.
The axle to axle measurement is 34 inches, which means it is the most compact bow on the market. (The small size and weight make it perfect for young archers!)
The draw weights range from 20-70 lbs, with a draw length of 25-31 inches.
This bow has an alloy riser that makes it durable and lightweight to use and carry.
The bow’s design makes it easy to hold steady once you have drawn and aimed your arrow, so you can easily release your arrow on target when needed.
This compound bow is not only fun to shoot, but also offers many adjustable features allowing the user to grow their skills over time.

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JUNXING M131 Compound Bow REVIEW

“I was looking for a compound bow that I could use for hunting. This one seemed to be priced right, and it has done wonders for me.”

“This bow is very well made and shoots great. My kids are 8 and 10, and they’re having a blast hunting with this.”

“I bought this bow after reading a lot of reviews. The draw is smooth and it’s very durable. It’s also great for hunting.”

“This bow is so light and easy to carry. I have hunted many dark hours on this bow and gotten some great shots. It’s very powerful with a minimal draw weight, making it a great choice for beginners.”



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JUNXING M131 Compound Bow

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