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骏星 M125 — 令人惊叹的经典复合弓。它专为要求苛刻的目标射击、狩猎和 3D 比赛而设计。骏星M125的狩猎范围可达30米,射击非常流畅


Draw weight:30lbs-70lbs

Draw length:23.5″-30.5″

Bow weight:3.9lbs

Brace height:7.4″


Let off: 70%

Axle to Axle:30″

Color: Black/Camo

JUNXING M125 Compound Bow Evaluation



Features – 165 FPS max speed, IBO Speed 265-310 fps; 80% let-off peak draw weight 70 pounds; Axle-to-axle 31.5”
Made for younger archers – draw length 18” to 26”; Draw weight range 50, 60, 70 pounds.
Limbs made from durable composite material.
Draw weight is fully adjustable – no bow press needed.
Lightweight – only 3.5 pounds; Camo pattern for hunting camouflage.
Riser is made from machined aluminum to reduce vibration and noise and increase accuracy.
Package includes compound bow, whisker biscuit rest and arrow quiver, 5 pin sight, and peep sight.
This bow is a great choice for a young person getting into the sport of archery or hunting.

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JUNXING M125 Compound Bow REVIEW

“I own the JUNXING M125 Compound Bow and it is one of my favorite hunting equipment that I have ever used. It’s so easy to use and accurate, plus the rubber-tipped arrow stops on impact.”

“The best bow I’ve ever shot, hands down. It’s gotten me from the novice classification to a pro in the span of 5 months.”

“The JUNXING M125 Compound Bow is one of the best bows that I have ever used. It is very lightweight, so it doesn’t put you down when carrying it. You feel fast and strong even with a small bow. The only con is how fast it gets dirty, but other than that this bow is amazing!”

“I bought the JUNXING M125 Compound Bow and I am so happy I did. It shoots great, and is easy to assemble.”




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JUNXING M125 Compound Bow

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